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“Our bodies, with the old genetic transmission, have not kept pace with the new language-produced cultural transmission of technology. So now, when social control breaks down, we must expect to see pathological destruction.” –Donna J. Haraway

Last summer (which now seems like centuries ago) I was on the beach with my toddler when I saw another woman playing with her children in the sand. Her face was familiar, but I couldn’t remember who she was exactly. …

The dangers of binary thinking and why we shouldn’t have to choose between our rights

Artist’s concept illustrating a catastrophic collision between two rocky exoplanets Credits: NASA/SOFIA/Lynette Cook

The coronavirus pandemic — and the unfolding economic, social and political crises that followed — made it abundantly clear that seemingly logical trade-offs between our fundamental rights are arbitrary, misleading and harmful. In this piece I argue that binarism is not only deeply rooted in our thinking, it is also intertwined with the logic of authoritarian power and exploitative systems. Therefore, it is impossible to meaningfully address any of such collisions on a case-by-case basis — instead, binarism must be challenged at its core.

When Covid-19 began to spread across the world, there were only a couple of confirmed cases…

Artist: nuvolanevicata

Transparency provides a crucial platform to understand how our governments treat their most vulnerable citizens amid a public health crisis. In this post, I discuss why we should re-emphasize the importance for transparency laws, and how the current crisis may provide an opportunity for the openness community to rethink its priorities.

The unfolding public health crisis has fast become a stress-test for our societies, including our healthcare systems, economic resilience, crisis-response mechanisms, political stability, to name a few.

Increasingly, it is also becoming a stress-test for civil society groups that work to protect our fundamental rights.

Julia Keseru

Activist, people nerd, ED at @engnroom. Working in the intersections of technology, power and social justice.

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